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Warehousing, distribution, and assembly.

Our proposal for customers: 

Agility – we understand customer needs and implement solutions that respond to the speed that today’s world demands. 

Flexibility – We understand customer needs and implement solutions that respond to the speed that today’s world demands. 

Reliability – A committed and experienced team, focused on efficiency and our lean structure allow us to provide you with services that will be a competitive logistic advantage. 

Our Promise

Cost reduction – Full service, warehousing, distribution and value-added services (maquila). We optimize the operation. Redesign of the distribution network and increase in warehousing density. All with state-of-the-art digital tools. 

Service – You are just a WhatsApp away from the management team. Personalized attention for each account, according to your needs. Direct involvement of senior management. Visibility of our operation. Operations team working under KPIs according to your business objectives. 

E2E Supply Chain arose from a dream: to start an international logistics business and provide a high quality service to medium and small companies that were underserved. His vocation in this life is to do whatever it takes to offer customers the best service and solve their problems. This became his way of life, a habit that emulates the organization. And while we are not perfect, and our industry is unpredictable, the goal is to take the headaches away from customers so they can focus their energy on where they create value. After the sale of Zimag to Femsa, Iliana had a transcendental experience that changed her forever. It made her a more human person. Back in logistics with e2e, she talked to her team at the company and shared her feelings with them.

Wellness: sleep well, eat well, and exercise. 

Spiritual connection: meditate, peaceful mind, and gratitude.

Happiness: enjoying life, family, friends; giving and inspiring. 

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